The main objective of the granted project is to develop novel, highly efficient tribological systems on the basis of as-synthesized / templated graphene and functionalised graphenes and their ceramic nanocomposites to prove their superior quality and suitability for technical applications e.g. for slide bearings and face seals in aqueous media.

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Aims and Objectives

Development of SiC- and Si3N4-templated graphene and functionalised graphenes that are suitable as additives in ceramics

Development of graphene-ceramic nanocomposites including the whole manufacturing process

Evaluation and optimisation of mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of the graphene-ceramic nanocomposites

Modelling of materials behaviour to understand the material behaviour and identify possibilities for further optimisation

Evaluation of tribological properties with respect to possible applications (e.g. slide bearings in aqueous environment or at high temperature)

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Investigation and optimisation of different methods for synthesis of graphenes which can be implemented in ceramics. Additionally dispersions of graphene will be prepared in different solvents to homogeneously distribute the material in the ceramic matrix.

Developing of graphene-ceramic nanocomposites (SiC, Si3N4) with different types of graphene and various graphene contents (1-10 wt.-%) by using different sintering methods.

Multiscale material modeling and tribosimulation of the mechanical and tribological behaviour of graphene-ceramics nanocomposites are performed in order to contribute to the understanding of mechanisms that lead to the desired increase of fracture toughness, wear resistance and friction reduction.

Characterisation of the different ceramic nanocomposites with varied graphenes and graphene contents. Optimization of mechanical, corrosion or electrical properties regarding to the structure and the incorporated graphene and its amount.

Evaluation and analysis of the tribological properties of graphene-ceramic nanocomposites with respect to possible applications (slide bearings or face seals in pumps in aqueous environment)

Demonstration of the functionality of the developed graphene-ceramic components in real applications.

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